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Reiki is a form of alternative medicine called energy healing. Reiki is a Japanese technique that delivers profound stress reduction and relaxation which promotes healing. The recipient is fully clothed and receives healing energy through the practitioner's hands that are held just above or gently resting on the body

50 min session  $85
3 sessions  $240

Tanning Bed

Our Ergoline Tanning Bed will give you a natural tan in only 8-15 minutes. As per New Jersey safety regulations we strongly suggest to tan every other day when you buy the monthly package.

Single Session $16
Monthly Package $89

Infrared Salt Sauna


Infrared Saunas are excellent for promoting better sleep, detoxification, clearing and tightening of the  skin, circulation improvement, relief of joint pain due to arthritis, weight loss, chronic fatigue syndrome and more. Combined with salt therapy it is a major help people for with respiratory issues such as asthma, lung congestion and allergies.

20 min Infrared Sauna $20
20 min Infrared Sauna + Salt Therapy $30
20 Min Infrared Sauna + Salt &
Paraffin Treatment $55

Pixie Locks

Semi Permanent Heat Resistant Sparkling Hair Extensions in several colors

15 strands $25
$5 for each additional 6 strands

Additional Services


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