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Please read the following guidelines, which will be observed until lifted by the State of New Jersey.


- Customers will be screened twice. What does this mean?
Within 24 hours of a scheduled appointment, we will contact you not only to confirm your time, but also to find out if you are having any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 and whether or not you think you might have been exposed to the virus. You will be screened again upon entering our premises.


- All services will be BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. What does this mean?
It means walk-ins will not be accepted at this time. If you are a new potential client, please call us 24 hrs in advance to make your appointment.


- Appointments will be made with a 15 minute break in between clients. What does this mean?
We will give us a break to disinfect the premises in between clients and we will keep you from being around other people. Therefore, we must ask you to PLEASE be PUNCTUAL! Do not show up before or after your appointment time. If your appointment is at 2pm, please make sure you are in front of Suite 309 at 2pm.


- Your temperature will be taken prior entering our service rooms. What does it mean?
We will scan your forehead with a no contact thermometer. If your temperature will be over 100.4 we will not perform any service and we will ask you to reschedule your appointment at a later time.


- Everyone in the premises must wear masks or a face covering at all times, unless receiving a service that precludes doings so, or when wearing a mask or face covering would inhibit an individual's health.


- We will ask you to use provided hand sanitizer upon arrival and before leaving the Spa.


- In between clients we will clean and disinfect our equipment and high touch areas in a manner consistent with CDC guidance.




Until further notice we will have limited scheduling. Please be patient. We will try our best to meet all your needs. As always, if you have any questions you can email us at or call us at (973)873-6698.
You can also call or text us individually:


Alessandra (201)803-2265


Stacy (201)452-2054


Waira (727)741-9503

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