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Trio of Candles


Treatments for the Body

SpaOlogy Express   ...30 minute   ...$55   ...This massage is suited for people that only need to concentrate on a specific trouble area and only have limited time available

Pamper Me Softly   ...50 minute   ...$85   ...For the client in need of a gentle touch, this Swedish massage consists in long soft strokes applied to achieve pure relaxation

SpaOlogy Signature Massage   ...60 minute   ...$99   ...This session is entirely customized to each client specific needs. Using a combination of Swedish massage and other modalities, the therapist goal is to get rid of superficial knots and stress induced muscle tightness

Deep Tissue Massage   ...60 minute   ...$110   ...Not for the faint of heart, this massage is designed to work through deeper layers in order to get rid of knots and to elongate and release muscles, fascia and bands

SpaOlogy Works   ...80 minute   ...$150   ...This session is inclusive of all modalities. It's designed to target and re-educate muscle memory. Starting with relaxing Swedish strokes and moving on to much deeper on point critical areas, your therapist goal is to get you back in track, ready to conquer the world

Hot Stone Therapy   ...80 minute   ...$145   ...Using basalt stones, a type of igneous rock, the therapist will melt those hard working muscles and will aide the body to improve blood circulation, reduce stress and achieve deep relaxation. A must try service, especially during the cold winter months. People with extreme high blood pressure and troublesome varicose veins should avoid this treatment

ReflexOlogy   ...30 minute   ...$65   ...Following traditional Eastern Medicine applications, Reflexology involves applying pressure to areas of the feet, hands and ears corresponding to specific body organs. Of great benefits to individuals suffering of anxiety, asthma, cardiovascular issues, PMS, headaches and sinusitis. Contraindicated during pregnancy

Pre-Natal   ...60 minute   ...$99   ...This treatment is all about pampering the mom-to-be and the baby she's carrying. Using amazingly comfortable pregnancy pillows, this massage will relieve those sore legs muscles, ease back pressure and pamper the baby in the bun. Must be over first trimester to receive this treatment

Meditation Massage   ...50 minute   ...$93   ...This session is a combination of frequency healing music, hot stone application and aromatherapy. Its scope is to heal your body from within, by sending optimal energy levels to every connected aspect of the mind, body, and spirit.

Cupping Therapy   ...50 minute   ...$93   ...Cupping Therapy is an ancient Chinese Therapy which resolves stagnant blood and poor energy flow through your body. Very effective in relieving pain, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, rheumatism and even cellulite. This session is a combination of massage and cupping application.

Just The 2 Of Us   ...60 minute   ...$195   ...This side by side massage is the perfect way to enjoy some quality time with your better half, while having two professional massage therapists take care of your pain areas and stress. If requested in advance, one of the two guests can have a facial instead of a massage.

Just The 2 Of Us Extended   ...80 minute   ...$260   ...a longer version of Just The 2 Of Us

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SpaOlogy Body Renew   ...80 minute   ...$145   ..this full body treatment exfoliates, replenishes and restores the skin. With the use of an amazing exfoliating sugar scrub and pure Macadamia oil, this treatment will brighten and hydrate your entire body. To complete the session, a light massage is performed while the hydrating lotion is applied. No shower is required during or after this treatment.

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