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Trio of Candles


Spray Tanning (we only use the finest tanning solution to ensure a flawless natural color)


Please make sure to shave and exfoliate the area(s) of interest 24 hours before your appointment. Failing to do so might result in an uneven tan. Do not apply any lotion or use any oil based products before your appointment.

Wear loose clothing and flip flops or loose sandals. No socks, sneakers or boots.

We do provide disposable bottoms, but if you rather wear your own under garments, make sure you wear something dark to avoid staining.

After Care:

ABSOLUTELY NO SHOWERING for 8-12 hours. To prolong the life of your tan do not exfoliate and allow to air dry if you can. Pat dry is also ok, but do not scrub. Make sure to moisturize every day. A properly cared for tan will last 7-10 days.

Full Body   ...30 minute   ...$45  

Upper Body   ...20 minute   ...$28   

Lower Body   ...20 minute   ...$28 


Arms & Legs   ...20 minute   ...$28 


Face   ...15 minute   ...$15   

Face & Décolleté   ...20 minute   ...$20

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